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Essay On Corruption Free Pakistan: Pakistan is a country that has been in the grip of corruption for years. According to the 2016 Global Corruption Index, Pakistan is ranked 117 out of 176 countries. This means that there is a severe lack of accountability and transparency within Pakistan’s government and institutions. In this blog post, we write an essay on corruption-free Pakistan in English.

Essays on Corruption Free Pakistan.

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Essay on Corruption Free Pakistan

In Pakistan, corruption is deeply Rooted in the Social e political history of the region. Taking power on 19th Oct 1999, the current government decided to cut the roll And gather the people’s broken faith in the Country Speedy ways Wielle announced to improve matters El accountability (Entasab) was given priority. on 16th Nov 1999, the national accountability bureau (NAB) was established to lead the accountability.

Pakistan’s Comprehensive national Anti-Corruption Strategy 40, published in good takes into account that in Pakistan, corruption can only be eliminated through a many-sided approach that includes poverty reduction and improved literacy. and re-organizing the administration. Thus, the strategy not only relies on the implementation of laws but also forces on the sool! Causes of corruption through awareness raising es defensive actions.

The anti-corruption strategy has been approved by the federal Cabinet & is Custenlly being achieved!! 9 9n addition, like other third world countries > Pakistan, has particularly suppered from  the proud of Dundas by the political leaders, the sum of assets stolen out of the economy through Criminal activities by wealth looters, non-givers of tax and dangerous criminals are still unknown.

Due to these circumstances, Pakistan is well aware of the importance of mutual legal assistance. on the other side, the NAB has always extended its fullest cooperation to other standards for fighting consumption. The country’s

Commitment to the global drive against corruption is recognized by the comity of gallons. Pakistan is cooperating with a number of foreign authorities in lighting against Consumption, money laundering & terrorist Dimancing including us America Canada, the UK, Australia, Switzerland, and Germany Norway.

Italy and the United Arab Emirates on the receiving and Pakistan have had a particularly successful experience of getting legal assistance from the UK and Switzerland.


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